Pennar Pasture Chain

In the summer pasture season the milk of the best pastures is carefully selected. That’s why the Caseificio Pennar Asiago collects its milk from a dozen of mountain huts held by farmers, partners of the cooperative, whose pastures range from 1.000 to 1.700 meters on sea level.

As the cows graze free open air and feed on fresh grass, they become stronger and give their milk vitamins even ten times more than usually. From this precious milk we get the productive line “environmental friendly pasture chain GRUN ALPE PENNAR” that is raw milk cheese with an exceptional taste and quality value.

This Chain was born from the joint effort of our dairy, Padua University and Mountain Union “Reggenza dei 7 Comuni”. It has been improved through a study centered on the preservation of the biodiversity of mountain pastures, and also on the environmental and economic sustainability of a unique and delicate land.

To improve a correct summer pasture, the Caseificio Pennar Asiago is the only dairy in the world to pay the milk to its partners, according to the percentage of vitamins found in it, because it means a good pasture and very high organoleptic qualities.