Dairy production

The Caseificio Pennar Asiago set on 1070 meters on sea level draws its milk only from its own partner farmers with farms and alpine huts which are set in the Altopiano di Asiago 7 Comuni.

The cow feeding follows strict specifications which value fresh grass and hay of mountain pastures and meadows.

The cheese making is carried out with handcrafted methods handed down from generation to generation. All the cheeses, both medium and long seasoning, are obtained with raw milk and without the help of additives and preservatives, all this allows the making of products which have superior healthy and organoleptic characteristics.

The seasoning and refining of our cheeses are carried out on spruce boards in underground places with particular environmental characteristics. All these conditions together with the balanced climate of the Altopiano, elevate the unique fragrance and flavor of our cheese.